5/29 - 6/1

This week, both 1st/2nd grade classes wrapped up the pen pal project with a culminating popsicle picnic. During this celebration, secret pen pals were revealed and we enjoyed a story, written through an exchange of letters, about pen pals and friendship. The class also continued with weekly routines of word study practice and illustrating poetry anthologies.

A bird has made its nest within view of our classroom window. On Friday we watched closely to see when the babies would be fed.

In math, the class explored hundreds charts, made observations, and identified patterns. Deepening this exploration, we played a partner game that some of the children have decided to name "plus or minus." Using the hundreds chart as a game board children took turns rolling a dice with +1, - 1, +2, -2, +10, and -10. They then moved their game piece left or right for ones and twos or up and down for tens. Not only was this a fun way to explore a hundreds chart as a mathematical tool but also to increase fluency and speed with skip counting forward and back. The class was very excited when the game became even tricker as the +2 and -2 transformed into +20 and -20.

This week we continued with our engineering bridge study and both classes applied their knowledge to creating draw bridges to span our city river.

In music with Josh, the class has been writing and rehearsing a musical. Their performances will be next week on Tuesday (10:50 a.m.) and Friday (12:40 p.m.). In homeroom, the children made a pirate hat from folded newspaper, each one uniquely designed with feathers and line drawings.

Science Olympiad presentation in Morning Meeting