5/21 - 5/24

This week, First and Second graders wrote their final pen pals letters finally revealing who they are by telling their partner their city job. We continued with our weekly routines of quiet reading and poetry anthologies as well. After finishing our chapter book, The Vanderbeekers of 141st Street, we began our final chapter book for the year, Ramona The Brave, by Beverly Cleary.

Our collaborative city and the architectural designs on the wall

The children again enjoyed two science periods with Shan this week. On Wednesday, they began talking about endangered animals and worked on posters including facts and images about a specific animal.

There is such joy in the way these children explore and discover, creating their own scientific explorations, on the playground and around our school. Several times this week, children discovered insects and plants that they excitedly used library books to identify. Many children happily studied worms and insects on the playground observing their movements and anatomy. When children love learning and are given the opportunity to explore what makes them curious, learning can be found everywhere.

In Math, my group has been enjoying solving number pattern puzzles identifying whether a set of numbers shows skip counting by 3's or even multiplying each number by 2. This has been an exciting way to think flexibly and deeply about numbers and patterns. We also have been investigating place value using base ten blocks to play a dice game called Race to 100. Children roll a dice, collect the specified number of ones cubes and place them on their game board. With subsequent rolls, children can begin trading in 10 ones for tens place rods and 10 ten rods for 1 hundred block. Pausing the game to problem solve how many more tens and ones each player needs to get to 100 has proved an exciting opportunity to use manipulatives to play with addition and subtraction within 100.

On Thursday, Allison from AADL visited our school to present on summer reading. Allison talked about books, discussed library events, and previewed AADL’s Summer Game. 

Our final session of EBs ended this week with my group, Storytelling With Puppets, putting the finishing touches on their shadow puppet theaters and making their own marionette puppets as well. We enjoyed reading about Tony Sarg the puppeteer who used his love of puppets and movement to create the floats in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade.