1/8 - 1/12

This week, first and second graders got right back into weekly routines of writing in memory books, quiet reading, and word study. "Buddy check," word searches, letter blocks, and shaving cream were popular choices during this week's word study. In addition, we finished reading Mr. Popper's Penguins and began book reviews. The children included such wonderful details about the penguins, the characters, and their favorite scenes from the book.

As we wind down our Identity study before moving on to our new theme, Cities, children began placing stickers on maps to identify where members of our families were born. These maps continue to grow daily as Mrs. Carpenter's class and the Kindergarteners are adding their family members as well.

We also continued our conversation about changemakers, read a book about Mahatma Ghandi, and talked about how he was an inspiration to Martin Luther King Jr. This sparked discussion and conversation about equality, fairness, and using words and peaceful action to make change rather than fighting with fists.


In Math, our group dove back into our Singapore books and enjoyed some of our old favorite games such as Salute. We also continued to reinforce place value with the card game, "Place Value Top It." Making this more challenging and exciting, children flipped over two cards, added them together, and then compared with a partner.

In Science with Shan, children applied their engineering and design skills, along with knowledge of potential and kinetic energy, to figure out how to create a plastic tube “roller coaster” that provided a marble with enough potential (stored) energy to get up two hills and around a loop. Children considered where to place the hills and the loop in their design to control when the marble was storing energy (potential) and when it was using energy of motion (kinetic). The diagrams and plans they developed this week will be used when they build these "roller coasters" and test them out next week.