12/18 - 12/21

This short week was filled with great fun and learning as 1st and 2nd graders continued their work on memoirs and added to their memory books. We enjoyed listening to the 5th and 6th graders describe their process of writing before reading excerpts of their original stories to us during their Publishing Party on Tuesday afternoon. We learned that their stories were on the third draft and that they had received feedback from each other and their teachers just as we do in our classroom. 

We have continued to delve into the story of Mr. Popper's Penguins with great excitement and intrigue for both the chapter book and penguins in general.  The snow and ice have proven a fantastic backdrop for the "antarctic adventure" games on the playground. 

In Math, children are making great progress in their Singapore books while enjoying games such as "Place Value Top-It." Using cards that visually depict numbers as groups of tens and ones, children identify the number on their card and compare with a partner. In the style of "Top It" the child with the largest number takes the cards. This can also be played by flipping 2 (or more) cards and then adding or subtracting. 

On Thursday, we ended our last week before break counting PJ donations with the Kindergarten and Mrs. Carpenter's class before listening to several winter-themed stories while cozy in our own PJs for SK's Pajama Day. The fun didn't end there as both 1st/2nd grade classes then delighted in decorating their own cookie cottages to take home. 

estimating the number of pajamas in the bin
The final count - 27 in all!
Enjoying a "Pajama Day" story 

Have a wonderful break! See you in 2018!