Along with weekly routines of memory book writing, quiet reading, and word study, the class enjoyed a visit from Mary Swain, SK's learning specialist, who showed us some tactile handwriting tools, engaging ways to identify letter and word sounds, and other fun word and letter formation strategies. Children enjoyed applying these strategies while writing in their weekly memory books and adding words to their heart maps.

As a part of our Identity study, heart maps were finished up this week and, along with Mrs. Carpenter's class, we began charting where we were born and where members of our families were born. We will continue this process next week as we move on to translating this information onto maps.

During this snowy week, children enjoyed sledding in PE and playing in the snow during recess. We are also continuing to read Mr. Popper's Penguins which prompted many children to practice tobogganing on their bellies like penguins on the playground and waddling too. This week's spelling challenge word, penguin, brought smiles to many faces as well. Snowy day stories were enjoyed by all during Library with Rachel.

In Math, children continued collecting data by rolling two dice and recording the sum. They then used this data to create graphs before working a small group to make observations and identify patterns.

On Friday, we joined with Mrs. Carpenter's class to share family traditions. We read about Snowflake Bentley and cut our own unique snowflakes from coffee filters.  August explained his family tradition "Hide the Pickle" and had us searching for quiet some time! Oliver shared about his family's tradition of opening one door each day on an advent calendar. Lexi shared how to play the Dreidel game. This was a wonderful way to end our last full week before winter break.