11/13 - 11/ 17

We continued with our weekly routines of writing in memory books, studying word patterns, and illustrating poetry anthologies. The process of planning our memoirs continues as the children think like writers and sequence their ideas. Art and literacy are often intertwined as illustrations and artwork are a key part of how children solidify, reflect on, and record their ideas. After using the book, No One But You by Douglas Wood as inspiration, the children wrote about experiences special to them. Using fabric, paper, string, yarn, and other materials, they created full body collages to illustrate their written work.

In math this week, Grace's group played a game called, Double It! The children flipped cards, doubled the amount, and then recorded their data on graphs. Extending their thinking, some children tried out tripling and more.  Examining our graphs developed into a lively conversation about patterns and, then, even and odd numbers.  

In Science with Shan, the class reviewed…

11/8 - 11/10


10/30 - 11/3