This was a busy and exciting first full week of school as Grace’s First and Second graders began talking about Poetry, writing about small moments in their memory books, and continued to explore the classroom library – now using their handmade pillows as comfy and cozy additions to quiet reading time. The children also brought in tiny items that they collected to share with their classmates. These items were placed in an “identity cabinet” (see photo below) that has been a source of curiosity, intrigue, and discovery – all the while engaging children in conversation with each other. Continuing to learn about “ourselves,” and each other, contributes to strengthening our classroom community and fosters connections between peers.

As a part of our identity study, first and second graders also began creating self-portraits. The process of looking closely and paying fantastic attention to detail while drawing a picture of themselves, combined with reflecting on read-alouds such as All the …

Our first week (9/5-9/8)

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