6/5 - 6/8

We continued as usual with our weekly routines of quiet reading, word study, and writing in memory books. This week we also began to clean up the classroom and take home work in preparation for the ending of this school year. The children wrote a final memory book entry and helped to clean the classroom and our collaborative city. We finished our final chapter book, Ramona The Brave, and had a lovely discussion about our favorite books from this year. It was hard to pick just one! One child even commented, "I had a problem with some of the books... they ended too soon!"

Both classes enjoyed double Science with Shan again this week and worked to finish up the final drafts of their endangered or threatened species posters. These serve as a synthesis of their research and information gathering.

In Math, we had a great time collecting data, using tallies, on the colors of cars that drove past the school. This was great practice in using tallies to record data, observing math in …

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