10/16 - 10/19

A highlight of this week was our trip to County Farm Park. There, nature guide Kelsey, led us on a hike through the park's trails. We stopped often to observe different trees and learn about their identifying features such as pine needles, bark, leaf shapes, and seed pods. We all enjoyed feeling the soft back of the swamp white oak tree leaves. Keen observers, the children also discovered many mushrooms and insects along the way.

We continued with many of our weekly routines as well such as reading Charlotte's Web and illustrating poetry anthologies. This week's poem was an excerpt from October by Robert Frost. The poem itself paints a beautiful picture of fall. We also found the word excerptto be particularly exciting and have added it to our word collection jar. 

On Thursday, we talked more about compost and how it works in preparation for creating signs to help the school learn what can be placed in the compost bin and what cannot. 

In Math this week, my group was very …

10/8 - 10/12

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