The Last Week of School 2017-2018

This has been a wonderful last week of school for our classroom community. The children have enjoyed their time together cooperatively playing in the classroom and on the playground, cleaning out the room, performing their musical, and working as a team during Field Day.

While Math groups ended last week, both classes enjoyed a math game day on Monday and learned some mathematical strategies for estimating amounts. The children then applied these strategies to estimating how many pieces of candy filled a jar in Mrs. Carpenter's room. After some fun math games, including Clumsy Thief and Tensies, we counted the actual amount by grouping the candy into tens. The Class Auction was another exciting math activity as children used pretend auction dollars to purchase items from the room such as left over scrapbox materials,  chalk, crayons, and more. With each child receiving the same amount of money, they needed to keep track of how much they had spent before bidding on a new item.


6/5 - 6/8

5/29 - 6/1

5/21 - 5/24