12/10 - 12/14

This week, we continued to enjoy learning about each other's family traditions. On Monday, we baked shortbread, using one child's "great great great grandma's recipe." The children enjoying adding the ingredients, kneading the dough, and pinching the edges to create shapes. The children were very creative with the final step - poking holes in the top of the dough to make various designs. 

On Thursday, we followed a recipe again. However, this time for something less tasty - salt dough. When baked, salt dough hardens and can be painted. This was a tradition I enjoyed as a child and several of the salt dough creations I made are still in my family home. In small groups, the children decided who would do which part of the recipe and worked together to create the dough themselves, asking teachers only for a cup of hot water. This was a great experience in team work and a lot of fun too, especially when it came time to shape the dough. Children created trucks, trees,…

12/3 - 12/7