3/18 - 3/21

This week, we traveled to the Back Door Food Pantry carrying bags of canned goods and non-perishables that we collected for our 100th day of school. This year, we surpassed our goal and donated about 130 items of food. At the food pantry, the children learned a bit more about what a food pantry does.

Monday afternoon, we spent our project time creating mindful jars. These bottles are filled with water, clear glue, and glitter. The children have been eager to use these jars during our daily mindfulness practice and throughout the day as well. After shaking their jar, the children sit and watch the glitter settle while feeling their bodies and minds calm down as well.

In Science with Shan on Monday, the class enjoyed several stations aimed at deepening their learning about constellations and stars.

Our math class this week was focused on preparing for Flea Market Math. We began the week assigning prices to items - either a penny, a nickel, a dime, or a quarter. On Thursday, children cam…

3/11 - 3/15